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Provide quality Christian education and formation to young children on the island by developing their minds, talents, skills and potential to become productive citizens in the future.

To uplift the literacy level of the people on the island, introduce new concepts and trends in the field of education, and provide technological advances to the residents (such as computers, Montessori or individualized instruction, new books, more research and information technology).

To make the school as the center of communication and information by establishing a library full of books, updated references, and instructional materials.  This would provide valuable aid to not only the students and teachers, but also the community as a whole.

To provide continuing education through short term courses such as vocational training skills and computer education to all sectors of the community.  Those whom would benefit include youths currently not in school, the poor, the financially deprived and indigents who could not afford to study, and retirees or aged persons whom could contribute to the community.

To provide special education needs of our special needs children (i.e. autistic, deaf-mute and physically challenged).  At present, there are no facilities or programs catering to these special students.


bullet2.gif (1007 bytes) School site – with our growing number of students and continued demand, we are in urgent need of a larger school building with a concrete floor, preferably on a more spacious location.

bullet2.gif (1007 bytes) Since the school opened, we have been occupying a rented lot in a two-classroom structure made of light materials (Nipa or palm leaves & wood).

bullet2.gif (1007 bytes) Instructional Materials/Books and other reference materials are needed by our school children and teachers.

bullet2.gif (1007 bytes) Working Funds – to help augment the financial operations of the school, most especially the salaries of the teachers, and other monthly operational costs.

Any contributions that may be of help would be greatly appreciated and will be useful to the school children and the future students.