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The Faculty, Staff and Administrators are teachers who are graduates of Education, with continuing post graduate studies in the field of education. 


Miss Liezel Gilamon - Pre-School Teacher

Miss Leah Velasco - Grade I Teacher

Miss Mylene Salvado - Grade II Teacher

Mrs. Editha Maderazo - Religion/Music Teacher

Mrs. Carmel Maderazo - Principal/Directress/Liason Officer


The Officers and Board Of Directors

Mr. Constancio Maderazo - Chair

Dr. Estefano Maderazo - Vice Chair

Mrs Editha Maderazo - Secretary

Mrs Anitra Sevilla - Treasurer

Mrs. Carmel Maderazo - School Directress

(Officers and Members of the board receive no compensations nor benefits for their service)

Where are We?

Bantayan Island is located North-West of Cebu Island.  It is one of the remotest islands in the Philippines, with over 60,000 inhabitants.  The island is composed of three municipalities -  Bantayan, Madridejos, and Sta. Fe.

The fishermen of Bantayan supply the Cebu mainland with squid and fish, and the farmers use their land for poultry.  The island is also know as the "Egg Basket of Visayas", where millions of eggs are shipped to other islands in Visayas. In and around there is a cottage industry which produces lampshades and hanging decorations made from the shells of tiny sea snails.

Getting here:

We are located approximately 5-7 hours commute from the city of Cebu.  Buses run daily from Cebu City to Hagnaya in the north east of Cebu mainland.  From there, boats and ferries are leaving for and arriving from Santa Fe on Bantayan Island.

While some buses travel between some of the towns, most transportation on the island is by tricycle.